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Tax Credit for Entrepreneurs of Live Shows: Part II

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Seven frequently asked questions about claiming back taxes for live shows.

This article is a follow up from ‘Tax Credit for Entrepreneurs of Live Shows’, which was published on the 24th of August 2016. It explains ‘Decree 2016-1209’, which was put in place on the 9th of September 2016.

This decree specifies the necessary conditions for applying tax credit. It also defines the relevant shows and the limitations for certain categories regarding expenditure.

Unlike the previous article, this one is structured in such a way that it tries to answer any questions that may arise (concerning the tax credit) before you ask them.

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Putting on an Entertainment Spectacle in Paris

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What is the legal process to follow?

You are considered an “entrepreneur de spectacles vivants” if you are overseeing any activity at a performance venue, the production of a show, or the physical set up of a spectacle. Under this kind of management role, it is imperative to comply with several important rules particular to this sector in France.

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Do you run an e-business? Important changes to VAT regulation

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Our top tips to stay one step ahead of the curve with your e-business

Don’t get caught out by these 2015 changes to EU VAT regulation
Do you sell electronically supplied services, such as online training, music and film downloads, or software?  If so, is your e-business ready to face the fast approaching changes to EU VAT regulation? These come into effect on the 1st of January 2015.

Under the new legislation the country of taxation of electronically supplied services and telecoms will change to the country in which the consumer is resident (rather than the country in which the supplier is established as is the case under the current rules). This means that, rather than applying a single VAT rate in the country of establishment of the supplier, an e-business in the EU will potentially now have to apply up to 27 different VAT rates.

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