R&D Tax Credit: ruling first!

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According to the French department of administration, Business France, the number of researchers employed in R&D by French companies, between 2008 and 2013, increased by 23%. There are 5.7 researchers in French companies (per 1000 active employee) compared to 4.8 in Germany and just 3 in the UK[1]. This makes us just as welcoming as our neighbours when it comes to welcoming new innovative future projects. Does this statistic only apply to the major international groups?

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The Inpat Scheme

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France is well known for its strict tax rules. This can often discourage international businessmen and women from coming to live here, especially company managers and other high earning-employees.

However, did you know that there’s a special tax regime for international businessmen and women? In fact, the “régime d’impatriation” (or “inpats” scheme, as opposed to “expats”) is precisely aimed at encouraging international-scale managers to come to France and develop French firms.

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DEB : Company obligations for Intra-Community Trade

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If you carry out commercial transactions with European Union (EU) member countries or are planning to do so in the near future, this information may be useful:

Within the European Union, most trade is carried out freely, with no formalities and without border control: there is no need to make a customs declaration. However, you must submit a customs declaration of exchange of goods (DEB) detailing all your intra-Community trade to the customs office.

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