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Starting a Business in France as a One-Person Company

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What you need to know about starting a One-Person company in France.

The one-person company has a legal personality and its own assets. In fact, the sole partner limits their financial responsibility to just contributions. Another advantage is that it operates more easily because it is comprised of shares.

On the other hand, these companies must respect particular legal formalities outside of their constitution (establishing articles of association/bylaws) and throughout their social life (holding Annual General Meetings/AGMs) as well as more cumbersome accounting obligations than those for a sole proprietor, making them costlier.

There are two forms of associated corporation possible:

  • The EURL (a one-person limited liability company)


  • The SASU (a simplified shareholder company)

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Starting a Business in France as a Sole Trader

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Our insight on starting up as a Sole Trader in France.

The company set-up for a Sole Trader does not have any legal entity and does not own its assets. There is actually no distinction between the sole trader’s own assets and those of the company. This therefore means that property, developed or undeveloped but linked to the Sole Trader, is liable to be seized by creditors. In fact, the financial capacity of the company is only limited to the personal circumstances of the entrepreneur. We therefore advise against this type of set-up for an activity which is relatively capital-intensive.

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Starting a Business in France as a Micro-Enterprise

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Setting up as a Micro-Enterprise: What should you know?

When looking to setup a business alone, there are two possibilities available to you:

  • Applying in your own name (either as an individual business or a micro-enterprise)


  • Creating a one-person company (either as an EURL – a one-person limited liability company or a SASU – a simplified shareholder company)

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