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EU firm without a French establishment: How can you get a VAT refund?

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If you are an EU based company without an establishment in France, you are a non-resident firm.

Generally, to deduct VAT in France you must also collect it, i.e. you must deliver goods and services subject to VAT. When you have deducted more VAT than you collected, this generates a ‘crédit de TVA’ (VAT refund).

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Foreign firms without a French establishment

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Who should you appoint to pay your social security contributions?

If you are a foreign company without an establishment in France, you are considered a non-resident  employer and if you want to recruit an employee operating in France, you will be liable to pay French social contributions.

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Choosing the right Legal Structure for your Venture in France

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Foreign companies: which is the best legal structure to adopt when making one’s first steps towards the French market?

Liaison office, branch, subsidiary… You should decide on a structure that meets your needs in terms of development (short-term or long-term) and desired level of control for the foreign company (low or high). However, the tax consequences and social obligations for each structure differ considerably, and therefore deserve a short analysis.

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