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Today it is crucial for even the smallest business to be international, however, operating in multiple countries can be difficult, stressful and time-consuming. Fortunately we have a solution. With 30 years of experience in France and a profound understanding of the world of international business we provide a local service with a global perspective.

How do we do this? The answer is simple: here at Maupard Fiduciaire we have an extensive network of leading professionals that reaches every corner of the world, so we are in a unique position where we can facilitate the global expansion of your business. It doesn’t stop there. As we coordinate everything from our office in Paris, you only need to deal with us, making your life easier and saving you stress, time, and money while still letting your business fulfil its potential.

At Maupard Fiduciaire we firmly believe that being international is the key to business success, and through our services we can help your business grow and expand internationally.

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At Maupard Fiduciaire we have decades of experience in France and on the international stage. As experts in French and global business, we can support your company as it takes its first steps on French soil.

France is the gateway to Europe and its 742 million consumers; this, along with extremely generous French tax credits and other government subsidies, makes France the perfect place to invest, whether your business is expanding, or if you’re just starting out. Find out more

We are highly experienced in securing tax credits in France, particularly the CIR (Crédit d’impôt récherche), which is designed to encourage innovation and R&D in SMEs, and the CIPC (Crédit d’impôt prospection commerciale), which offsets the cost of international business. There is also the opportunity for young innovative companies to be exonerated from some taxation in France, which we can take care of. This initiative is called the JEI (Jeunes entreprises innovatives).

Here at Maupard Fiduciaire we love supporting new businesses as they find their feet and we know exactly what to do to help them launch themselves in France.

Find out exactly what we can do for your company, by visiting our services section or organising a consultation with us today.

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